Video VK0EK Heard Island 30 July 2020. From

Video Heard Island VK0IR 1997
By KK6EK, Dr. Bob Schmieder

As you know, Cordell Expeditions carried out an expedition to Heard Island in Jan/Feb 1997, using the callsign VK0IR. Recently I discovered about 6 hours of video that I had shot during the expedition, but which had never been seen (not even by me!). I divided the collection into six parts, which I have posted to Youtube:
Information about VK0EK DX Pedition

Amateur Ham Radio Video VK0EK

Video VK0EK Hear Island Part 1 Preparation

[embedded content]

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 2 Outbound

[embedded content]

Video VK0IR Hear Island Part 3 Landing/Setup

[embedded content]

Video VK0IR Heard Island Part 4 Operations

[embedded content]

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 5 Environment

[embedded content]

Video VK0EK Heard Island Part 6 Departure

[embedded content]


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