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For many years has been publishing information for Radio Amateurs.

Our site is currently the most visited Amateur Radio DX News site.

Our success is largely because of our readers, who are actively interacting with our site and those who are providing information to us to be published. has been supporting IOTA and DXpeditions for many years. We have also received many offers for financial support from some of our users. has now made a decision to publish our supporter list on our website.

There are several ways that you can become a DXnews supporter:

a) By providing information about planned activities, articles, technical information etc. We we will gladly publish it on the website or
By registering on the forum, we also provide to our readers the opportunity to publish their own information and to update it if and when required.

b) If our website is of value to you, please [share] it with your friends and clubs via social media pages.

c) We have decided to give our readers the opportunity to support financially as well.

Your contributions will be used in a transparent way to support DX activities all over the world. Please contact us to discuss your contribution, whatever value it may be.
Interaction with our supporters is very important to us and can help to direct support to where our own supporters select it to go.
If you are interesting to support DX News financially you can contact us directly via email. most active information providers:

3Z9DX, 4L1R, 4L8A, 5B4ALX, A92AA, CT4NH, Daily DX, EY8MM, IZ2DPX, IZ3KVD, K5GS, LA7GIA, LY5W, M0KRI, M0OXO, N2AJ, OK4NN, OK6DJ, PA9RF, RA1ZZ, RW3AH, RZ3FW, SM0JHF, UA2FM, UA3AKO, UA4CC, UA9BA, UA9FAR, UY5XE, VE3LYC, W3UR, YE1AR, YV1GJW, ZS4TX. financial supporter listing:

Brilliant supporters – supporters with contribution over 1000$
AT Communication International
Platinum supporters – supporters with contribution between 500$ – 999$
Gold supporters – supporters with contribution between 250$ – 499$
Silver supporters – supporters with contribution between 99$ – 249$
Bronze supporters – supporters with contribution between 50$ – 99$
Supporters – supporters with contribution between 10$ – 49$


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