Low-Noise H-Mode Receiver Mixer Developer Colin Horrabin, G3SBI, SK


Prominent British radio amateur Colin Horrabin, G3SBI, died over the last weekend in November, a month after a cancer diagnosis. Horrabin invented a type of low-noise receive mixer called the H-Mode mixer, which has been incorporated into many modern radios and was featured in The ARRL Handbook for a number of years.

“It is some very significant work with regard to mixer design,” said former ARRL Technical Editor Larry Wolfgang, WR1B, who maintained a correspondence with Horrabin. “When I became Managing Editor, then Editor, of QEX, our correspondence became more frequent, with him submitting a number of articles,” Wolfgang recounted. “It was always a joy to hear from him!” Horrabin’s other amateur radio interests included antennas. He developed a novel, very compact, flat spiral multiband HF antenna that he often used when operating portable.

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