New Zealand Adds Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) as Unlicensed Systems


New Zealand is putting wireless power transfer (WPT) systems using 148.5 kHz to 30 MHz into the General User Radio Licence for Short Range Devices (GURL-SRD) category. The GURL-SRD notice has been updated to include several amendments.

These include new provisions to permit the use of the frequency range 0.1485 – 30 MHz for WPT and induction loop systems used to detect foreign objects; to permit the use of the frequency range 1785 – 1805 MHz for wireless microphone, in-ear monitors, or wireless audio transmitters; to implement WRC-19 Resolution 229 regarding the 5150 – 5350 MHz band to permit wireless local area network (LAN) outdoor use and a power level up to 0 dBW, and to permit the use of the frequency range 13.553 – 13.567 MHz for radio frequency identification (RFID) transmitters.

A General User Radio Licence permits transmitting without the need to get a license or paying licensing fees.


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